About Us

Association of cocoa and wayusa producers of the Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola canton, Napo province, Amazonia, Ecuador.

Legal organization registered by the Superintendence of Popular and Solidarity Economy, on June 21, 2013, made up of 180 partners, of which 81are women and 99 men, from 13 communities.

Tsatsayaku is a Kichwa word that means sandy river and it was the name with which our canton was born.

We are dedicated to the production of cocoa and wayusa in the ancestral chakra system, as an integral and cultural agroecological space. Historically, it has managed to sustain the food sovereignty of the Kichwa families in the province of Napo, guaranteeing and caring for the seeds, flavors and knowledge of its products.

We maintain strategic alliances with local governments and international cooperation such as: WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature, GIZ, FAO, Fundación Maquita, ENGIM Ecuador, Fundación Esquel, Pact, USAID, among others.

We are part of the Chakra, Chocolate and Tourism Route of Napo and the Corporation of Associations of the Amazon Chakra.



Achieve the well-being of the partners through fair payment, conservation and inclusion in sustainable development projects, for this purpose it develops the production and commercialization of chackra products complying with quality standards.


Vision 2025

To be recognized for its ability to improve the quality of life of the partners and entrepreneurs of the Amazon through production processes and the commercialization of high-quality products and services at a national and international level.



Creativity.- Search for alternative solutions to meet the objectives.

Responsibility.- Fulfilling the tasks entrusted in accordance with the established norms. With the environment, customers and associates.

Solidarity.- We support the search for alternatives to improve people's quality of life and join forces with other organizations that seek the common good.

Transparency.- The information is provided in an exact, truthful and open manner to the partners and other actors involved in the development process.

Conservation.- Support for the preservation and revitalization of the Amazonian Kichwa culture and the territory where it develops.